Striking Insights: Energy options trends and tools

  • 16 Nov 2020
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: Energy

Trending: Natural gas volatility meets liquidity

Record Natural Gas options volumes
2020 YTD options volume has hit record 130K contracts per day for NYMEX natural gas, driven by on-screen Financial Natural Gas options (LN) trading.

Options executing via RFQ
59% of on-screen Natural Gas options volume in Q3 2020 was executed via RFQ. 

Around-the-clock liquidity
Energy options are trading 23 hours a day due to increased non-US hours liquidity and heightened volatility.

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Directed Request for Quote (DRFQ)

  • Use DRFQ technology to optimize block trading in privately negotiated, exchange-eligible futures, options, and strategies.
  • Connect a network on CME Direct to privately negotiate block trades in a structured format.
  • Access a single electronic platform for the entire negotiation lifecycle, from inception to block submission.
  • Save exportable audit trails for record-keeping requirements.

Learn more about the benefits of DRFQ on our website.

Trending tool: CME OPEC Watch Tool

Stay up to date with the latest probabilities of the OPEC meeting expected outcomes with the CME OPEC Watch Tool. The CME OPEC Watch Tool uses NYMEX WTI Crude Oil Option prices to calculate probabilities of certain outcomes of the next OPEC meeting.

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Product spotlight: WTI Crude weekly options

More expirations, flexibility, and precise risk management

Regional crude oil and natural gas storage data, weather anomalies, and global market events like the upcoming OPEC meeting can have a dramatic impact on the energy markets. Weekly options give you greater flexibility to manage volatility arising from these events, along with the added benefit of shorter expirations to implement strategies at a lower premium. 

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