Key learnings from the APAC FIX Trading Summit

  • 14 Dec 2020
  • By CME Group's Traiana Service
  • Topics: Technology

Periodic Payments Messaging and Matching

Traiana hosted a panel at the APAC FX Trading Summit to address the innovation and adoption of the FIX message for periodic payments by the financial industry.

The processes surrounding the confirmation of periodic payments have historically involved many manual steps, until 2019 when FIX set a new standard for periodic payments.

An ongoing adoption amongst the investment management community has created a natural step to look further down the post-trade chain into asset servicing and reporting standards, which help the industry reduce risk and operate more efficiently.

Key learnings

  • Ongoing adoption of FIX standards continues to spur innovation and automation in the post-trade space, extending into payment and settlement optimization services.
  • Large investment managers have seen their matching rates increase significantly to over 90%.
  • Post-trade automation allows investment managers to focus more on client facing activities. 
  • In 2021, investment managers and dealer banks will widen their focus across new cashflow types including manufactured income and corporate actions.


CME Group’s Traiana operates the leading market infrastructure for post-trade processing and risk management across asset classes and provides client service and risk management technology across the financial sector. Global banks, broker/dealers, buy-side firms, and trading platforms use our cross-asset class services to automate risk management and pre-trade/post-trade processing of listed and over the counter transactions. Traiana’s network is comprised of the global financial community’s leading voices – providing insight, thought leadership, and connectivity.

Periodic Payments for Messaging and Matching

Traiana’s Periodic Payment Messaging and Matching service allows market participants to match and confirm cashflows in real time across a host of asset classes. Remove the complexity of fragmented manual processes and benefit from a centralized, single connection to reach a wide range of market participants.

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