Frequently asked questions: Euronext

1. Who is Euronext?

Euronext is the leading pan-European market infrastructure connecting local economies to global capital markets, to accelerate innovation and sustainable growth. It operates regulated exchanges in Belgium, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. With close to 1,500 listed issuers worth €3.8 trillion in market capitalisation as of end June 2020, it has an unmatched blue-chip franchise and a strong diverse domestic and international client base. Euronext operates regulated and transparent equity and derivatives markets and is the largest centre for debt and funds listings in the world. Euronext also leverages its expertise in running markets by providing technology and managed services to third parties. In addition to its main regulated market, Euronext also operates Euronext GrowthTM and Euronext AccessTM, simplifying access to listing for SMEs.  Euronext provides custody and settlement services through central securities depositaries in Norway and Portugal.

2. What products are listed on Euronext?

Euronext operates markets across a broad range of asset classes, including Equities, FX, Exchange Traded Funds, Warrants & Certificates, Bonds, Financial Derivatives, Commodities and Indices.

3. What data is available?

Daily files are available for Euronext Derivatives Markets (equity, index, and commodity contracts).

The following datasets are available:

  • End of Day Summary (includes reference data)
  • Trades (includes reference data)

4. What is the file format of this data?

Historical data files are delivered in CSV format.

5. What is the average daily file size?

The average data file sizes are as follows:

  • Reference Data – 3.2MB
  • EOD Summary – 2.7MB
  • Trades – 3.0MB

Note: Sizes may fluctuate due to market conditions.

6. How many files are available per day?

  • EOD Summary: 2 files (Reference Data + Summary)
  • Trades: 2 files (Reference Data + Trades)

7. What is the delivery frequency of the data?

Data files will be delivered in the morning after each Euronext trading day

8. What time will the files be delivered each day?

The expected availability time is between 2am and 7pm CET.

9. Are the files compressed?

The data files are .zip compressed.

10. Are sample files available?

Yes, sample files are available for download. See below.

  • EOD Summary Sample File
  • Trades Sample File

11. How far back historically does each dataset go?

Not applicable. Only daily updates are available.

12. Are there any missing dates to the data I should know? If so, what are they?

Not applicable. Only daily updates are available.

13. Where can I find information on how to understand this data?

The following Euronext documents are available to help clients understand the structure of the data:

NextHistory Derivatives Client Specification

14. Is there a certain process I must use to be able to use the data?

The data must be processed in the following sequence

  1. Unzip the daily data files that have a “zip” extension
  2.  Open the .csv file


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