Alternative Industry Events

Learn more about CME Group and third-party events that feature relevant content and networking opportunities for investors.

CME Group, in partnership with investment consultant Cliffwater LLC, invites qualified investors to a day of leading industry research & networking on Wednesday, October 17, in New York (preceding MFA's Outlook). 

Upcoming Industry Events

Event Name Location Date
European Single Family Office Symposium Switzerland June 28-29
Institutional Investor’s Innovation in Investment New York July 17
Total Alts San Francisco September 6-7
CTA Expo Chicago September 13
3rd Annual Systematic Investment Symposium London September 13-14
15th Annual Family Office Wealth Conference Laguna Beach September 23-25
Context West Dana Point September 26-28
17th Annual European Investment Roundtable Copenhagen September 26-28
Roundtable for Consultants and Institutional Investors Chicago October 2-5
2nd Annual New York Investor Research Forum
New York October 17
Outlook 2018 Conference New York October 18
Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum West Napa Valley October 24-26
Canadian Investment Management in Alternatives Summit Montreal November 6-7
Talking Hedge Austin Austin November 7-8

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