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CME Group Self-Service provides a suite of tools designed to help customers manage their registration and on-boarding to CME Group applications and services. Through the DataMine Self-Service Center, users can query, price, order, receive, and manage historical data subscriptions.

Accessing Self-Service Platform

To access the CME DataMine self-service platform, please register for a CME Group Login. Click here to complete this easy process.

Register for a CME Group API ID to access your data purchases via the Datamine API.

API Delivery Set-Up

  1. Log in to the CME Customer Center using your CME Group Login (click here for information on setting up a CME Group Login).
  2. From the <CME Group Login name> drop-down menu, click My Profile.
  3. Select the API Management tab.
  4. Register for and create an API ID.

For more information on the self-service platform, visit the website.

For additional procedures, visit the CME Customer Center User Help System.