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  • Type 6 - Paris Expanded
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LengthFromToDatatypeFormatDescription and Comments
212ANXRecord ID - "6" plus a space
537ANX(3)Commodity Group Code
4811N9(4)Spread Priority
71218N9(7)Spread Credit Rate, in percent
11919N9Spread Credit Rate Decimal Locator
32022ANX(3)Exchange Acronym Leg 1
62429ANX(6)Combined Commodity Code Leg 1
73036N9(7)Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 1
13737N9Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 1 Decimal Locator
13838ANXSpread Side Leg 1 ("A","B")
33941ANX(3)Exchange Acronym Leg 2
64348ANX(6)Combined Commodity Code Leg 2
74955N9(7)Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 2
15656N9Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 2 Decimal Locator
15757ANXSpread Side Leg 2 ("A","B")
35860ANX(3)Exchange Acronym Leg 3
66267ANX(6)Combined Commodity Code Leg 3
76874N9(7)Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 3
17575N9Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 3 Decimal Locator
17676ANXSpread Side Leg 3 ("A","B")
37779ANX(3)Exchange Acronym Leg 4
68186ANX(6)Combined Commodity Code Leg 4
78793N9(7)Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 4
19494N9Delta/Spread Ratio Leg 4 Decimal Locator
19595ANXSpread Side Leg 4 ("A","B")
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