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Sunday – Friday as follows:

  • Sunday Pre-Open 4:00 pm Central Time (CT)
  • Trading starts on Sunday at 5:00 pm (CT) and stops on Monday at 8:30 am (CT)
  • Monday – Friday trading stops and market close at 8:30 am (CT), ALL day orders eliminated
  • Monday – Thursday Pre– Friday Pre-Open 9:30 am (CT)
  • Monday – Thursday – Friday trades from 10:00 am (CT) – 4:00 pm (CT)
  • Monday – Thursday Market Halt occurs at 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm (CT) - Globex Maintenance Period NO day orders eliminated
  • Monday – Thursday Pre-Open 4:45 pm (CT)
  • Monday – Thursday trades from 5:00 pm (CT) –  8:30 am (CT) next business dayNo trading allowed after 8:30 am (CT) on Friday, ALL day orders eliminated
  • NoteAny order submitted on Friday after 10:00am (CT) will have a next business date of Monday.
    • TACO markets do not and will not support GT orders.
    • Day/session orders entered on Friday for Monday’s trade date will be eliminated at the 1st close on Friday afternoon.
    • No TACO orders will be persisted over the weekend.
    • Clients must re-enter their Day/session orders for Monday trade date when we re-open Sunday for Monday’s trade date.