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This topic provides information about CME FX Link. CME FX Link is traded on CME Globex as the differential between CME FX Futures and OTC Spot FX, resulting in the simultaneous execution of FX Futures cleared by CME Group, and OTC Spot FX transactions subject to bilateral OTC relationships. The CME FX Link spreads consist of OTC FX Spot vs. each of the front three quarterly CME FX Futures. Three consecutive CME FX Link months are listed for eligible currency pairs. A new spread will be added two weeks prior to the last trade date of an expiring CME FX Future. The OTC FX Spot leg is only tradeable as part of the CME FX Link spread.


FX Link will expand to include the Swiss Franc and New Zealand Dollar. For more details consult the Globex Notice.

The spreads are traded as a differential between FX Futures and OTC spot, with both legs expressed in OTC quote convention. Therefore, the spread construction is either non-inverted or inverted, depending on whether the quoting convention of the related futures leg is inverted or non-inverted with respect to the typical OTC convention for that currency pair.