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CME Group Self-Service provides a suite of tools designed to help customers manage their registration and on-boarding to CME Group applications and services. Through the DataMine Self-Service Center, users can query, price, order, receive, and manage historical data subscriptions.

Accessing Self-Service Platform

To access the CME DataMine self-service platform, please register for a CME Group Login. Click here to complete this easy process.

Register for a CME Group API ID to access your data purchases via the Datamine API.

API Delivery Set-Up

  1. Log in to the CME Customer Center using your CME Group Login to create an API ID.
  2. From the <navigation bar, click your CME Group Login name> drop-down menu, click name, then click My Profile.
  3. Select the API Management tab.
  4. Register for and create an API ID for the Basic Authentication type, and select the Type "Basic Auth" for basic authentication.


For more information on the self-service platform, visit the website.

For additional procedures, visit the CME Customer Center User Help System.