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For CGW, Session ID can exist on only one CGW.

For MSGW, Session IDs are shared across multiple MSGWs. Customers utilize a single Session ID, password, and port across all MSGWs.


SFTP - MSGW Configuration

An SFTP site (, accessed via a CME Globex network direct connection,  is is used to disseminate the MSGW configuration information. The MSGW Configuration allows clients system client systems to receive the list of all market segments and MSGW IPs. This SFTP site contains the configuration files for all environments. The SFTP site is a secure site that requires a user name and password for access.

Table Key:

  • Environment - specific environment (i.e., Certification, New Release, Production).

   Note: The Autocert+ tool will use the NR MSGW config file.

  • Service - the Configuration service.
  • SFTP Site - address of SFTP site.
  • User Name - identifies the user name.
  • Password - identifies the password.
  • Directory Location - identifies the directory.
  • Client System Update Schedule - Client systems should download updates according to the schedule specified.

EnvironmentsServiceSFTP SiteUser NamePasswordDirectoryClient System Update Schedule










New Release Certification