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For CGW, Session ID can exist on only one CGW.

For MSGW, Session IDs are shared across multiple MSGWs. Customers utilize a single Session ID, password, and port across all MSGWs.



Packet size maximum behavior based on MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) - 1420 bytes, as defined on our network

  • If a customer sends a packet with an incomplete message, the message will be processed once the subsequent packet completes the message. The message is entered into the FIFO queue on the MSGW only when the message is complete.
  • If a customer sends a packet with one or more complete messages and a partial message at the end, all complete messages from that packet will be processed immediately and the partial message is held to be processed on the subsequent packet(s).
  • If a customer sends a packet with an incomplete message and the first message of the next packet on that session is not the continuation of the message, then the MSGW will :
  • Disconnect the session.
  • Discard the discard the incomplete message.

MSGW Sequence Number Management