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The test product mimics the E-mini S&P MidCap 400 (EMD) futures contractproducts mimic the futures contracts currently available to trade on CME Globex. Only outright futures are listed. Market data is disseminated on the MDP 3.0 channel 318 market data channel of the tradable contract.

Test product 0MD is products are available for Order routing only — trades are not supported.


CME Globex supports the following functionality for test product 0MDproducts.


Test product 0MD has products have the following iLink order entry and market data messaging identifiers:

CME Globex Test Product

iLink: tag 1151-Security Group 

MDP 3.0: tag 6937-Asset

iLink: tag 55-Symbol

MDP 3.0 tag 1151-Security GroupSecurityGroup

Test – E-mini S&P MidCap 400 Futures

0MD (zero-M-D)


Test British Pound / U.S. Dollar (GBP/USD) Physically Deliverable futures contract 

0GB (zero-G-B)


iLink Order Entry

Order entry functionality is available for test product 0MD productson iLink as described below.


Market data functionality for test product 0MD is products is available as follows.

Market States

Only the Pre Open market state is available for 0MD test contracts per the following schedule.


The following statistics are available for 0MDfor test contracts.

  • Indicative Opening – Incremental Refresh tag 35-MsgType=X, tag 269-MDEntryType=4 (Opening price)
  • A fixed, reasonable value will be published in the Daily Settlement – Incremental Refresh tag 35-MsgType=X, tag 269-MDEntryType=6 (Settlement price)
  • Preliminary settlements will not be published
  • Messaging Controls are applicable


CME Globex Credit Controls

For GC2 purposes,  0MD will test products will have a $1 margin rate.

Drop Copy

Drop Copy is available for 0MD for test product order entry messages.