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  • An Execution Report acknowledgment during the pre-openopen 
  • An Execution Report - Reject during the closeclose  


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Test products are available for Order routing only — trades and Immediate Fill or Cancel Kill (IOC)FOK) and Fill and Kill (FAK) orders are not supported.


Test products have the following iLink order entry and market data messaging identifiers:

CME Globex Test Product


MDP 3.0: tag 6937-Asset

iLink: tag 55-Symbol

MDP 3.0 tag 1151-SecurityGroup

Test – E-mini S&P MidCap 400 Futures

0MD (zero-M-D)


Test British Pound / U.S. Dollar (GBP/USD) Physically Deliverable futures contract 

0GB (zero-G-B)


iLink Order Entry

Order entry functionality is available for test productson iLink as described below.


DayTime (CT)Instrument Security Status (tag 35-MsgType = f)
Sundaytag 326-SecurityTradingStatus =
Pre Open16:0021 (Pre Open)
Close16:594 (Close)
Monday-Thursdaytag 326-SecurityTradingStatus =
Pre-Open16:4521 (Pre Open)
Close16:594 (Close)