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Mass Quotes can only be submitted with the day order qualifier and limit order type.
Quote Cancel

Quote cancel is accomplished by modifying the price and quantity of a quote to Customers may cancel resting quotes by sending a Quote Cancel (tag 35-MsgType=Z) message (recommended) or by sending a new Mass Quote (tag 35-MsgType=i) message with a price of zero (0). Authorized customers may perform the following types of quote cancelsThe following actions are supported:

  • Cancel one side of a resting quote and leave the opposite side unchanged.
  • Cancel one side of a resting quote and modify the opposite side.
  • Cancel both sides of a resting quote.
  • Modify only one side (bid or sell) of a resting quote by using the appropriate bid or offer quantity and price values in a new Mass Quote entry message.


A modification of a quote entails changing one or both of the values associated with the price and the quantity of one or more sides of a quote.


In markets eligible to trade at zero price, customers may enter Mass Quotes with a zero price. However, customers cannot modify a resting quote to a price of zero. Attempts to modify a resting quote to a zero price will result in the the new quote being rejected and the resting quote being cancelled.

The following topics describe the aspects of Mass Quoting in detail including:


See the following topic for information on how messaging controls apply to Mass Quote activity: Messaging Controls.Mass Quote and Quote Cancel which contain more than 15 quote sets or entries will be rejected with the Business Reject message (tag 35-MSGType=j), tag 58-Text=Number of quote entries exceeds the maximum number authorized. Value specified <#-QEs-customer-sent> max authorized 15.