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This page provides information details for navigating the CME Group Client Systems Wiki site.

To provide user experience feedback on this site, message User Feedback inbox. This page includes the following topics:

Table of Contents

These features are available from a given page.

  1. Breadcrumb trail - navigation path to the currently viewed page. Click "/ ... /" to show all.
  2. Current topic/page - page title that is highlighted (bold) in the sidebar.
  3. Topic search - search a term throughout the selected topic.
  4. Sidebar Topic Hierarchy - expandable list of topics and subtopics within the site.
  5. Space search - search a term throughout the Client Systems Wiki
  6. Ellipses menu - export the currently viewed page to a PDF by clicking .
  7. Search - jump to search all of
  8. User Survey - submit feedback on the Client Systems Wiki.

Exporting a Single PDF Page

 Complete the following steps to export a single page to a PDF file:

  1. From a page, click the ellipses and then Export to PDF.
  2. Use your browser to open or save the file.

Searching the Space

Apply this search syntax to refine searches and yield the most relevant results.

Search SyntaxExample Results
" " "user experience"

Find exact words or phrases.
Results contain the phrase "user experience".

Note: The wiki ignores common words, such as "and, the, an, is..." during searches.

OR user OR experience

Find either of the terms. OR must be all capital.
Results contain "user" or "experience".

AND user AND experienceFind both of the terms. AND must be all capital.
Results contain "user" and "experience".
NOT  user NOT experienceFind the first term, but not the second term. NOT must be all capital. 
Results contain "user", but not "experience".
 - user experience -feedbackFind the first terms, but not the term preceeded by -.
Results contain "user" and "experience", but not "feedback". 
( ) AND  (user OR experience) AND feedbackFind grouped terms.
Results must contain "feedback" but can contain either "user" or "experience".

Wildcard search.
Results contain a form of the word, such as "feedback" or "feeds". 

Note: Use wildcards anywhere within a word, except at the first character.