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Mass Quote and Quote Cancel are not subject to these application messaging thresholds.

Application Messages

  • New Order (tag 35-MsgType=D)
  • Order Cancel/Replace (tag 35-MsgType=G)
  • Order Status Request (tag 35-MsgType=H)
  • Quote Request (tag 35-MsgType=R)
  • New Order Cross (tag 35-MsgType=s)
  • Security Definition Request (tag 35-MsgType=c)
  • Cancel Request (tag 35-MsgType=F)
  • Order Mass Action Request (tag 35-MsgType=CA) 

  • Application messages that fail business validation 


Mass Quote Messaging Thresholds

All mass quote messaging is measured in messages per second (MPS) over a three-second window. If an iLink session exceeds the mass quote threshold, subsequent mass quote messages will be rejected via a Session Level Reject (tag 35-MsgType=3) message until the mass quote MPS rate falls below the threshold. Exceeding the reject threshold will trigger the automatic cancellation of all resting quotes On a best-efforts basis, CME Group will cancel all resting quotes when an iLink sessions exceeds the Mass Quote reject threshold.

Mass Quote Messages:

  • Mass Quote (tag 35-MsgType=i)
  • Quote Cancel (tag 35-MsgType=Z)


The thresholds are in place for the following Administration message types:

Administrative Messages

  • Logon (tag 35=A)
  • Heartbeat (tag 35=0)
  • Test Request (tag 35=1)
  • Resend Request (tag 35=2)
  • Session Level Reject (tag 35=3)
  • Business Level Reject (tag 35=j)
  • Sequence Reset (tag 35=4)
  • Logout (tag 35=5)
  • Unknown message types
  • Malformed Administrative and Application messages
  • Administrative and Application Messages with invalid sequence numbers
  • Administrative messages that fail session validation