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CME Direct is an electronic trading application that allows both traders and brokers access to a full range of functionality for side-by-side online trading of Exchange-listed and OTC markets. This page provides access to information on the following topics:

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For more information, see the CME Direct Website

Products and Services

The following table summarizes the products and services available from CME Direct.


Watch video demonstrations covering how to watch, analyze and share strategies within the CME Direct application.

Block Trades

 Watch this video for a demonstration on submitting block trades in CME Direct.

CME Direct QuikStrikeTM

 Watch a video demonstration covering the basics of using the QuikStrike Options Analytics Tool in CME Direct side-by-side with the CME Direct strategies grid.

CME Direct R-Cross

 Watch this video for:

  • Introduction: an introduction to submitting R-Cross orders in CME Direct.
  • Demo: demonstration on submitting R-Cross orders in CME Direct.

CME Direct: Moving Strategies

 Watch a video demonstration covering how to watch, analyze and share strategies within the CME Direct application.

CME Direct Excel Add-In

 This video provides an overview of the CME Direct Excel Add-In. The CME Direct Excel Add-In is an API that enables Excel to pull contract data, market data, fills data and trade data.

User Help Systems

For details about the CME Direct front-end application, please refer to one of the User Help Systems below.  See complete details regarding other CME Group User Help Systems.

CME Direct Release Notes

Learn about the most recent software release features and functionality enhancements:

CME Direct Excel Quick Start

CME Direct's Excel integration provides real-time market data and allows you to view orders via an Excel Add-in. Use CME Direct's Excel functionality to look up CME Direct contracts and subscribe to market data directly in the Excel application, drag and drop data from CME Direct into Excel, and save your data in a .xls file. For more information, refer to this User Help System.

New Version of CME Direct Mobile

Use the CME Direct Mobile front-end application from any browser or a mobile device to monitor market data and cancel orders that were previously entered into the market using CME Direct. For more information, refer to this User Help System.

CME Direct Clearing Member View

The CME Direct Clearing Member View application allows clearing member firms to manage users for the accounts the firm clears, while providing clearing member firms real-time monitoring capabilities of order flow in CME Direct. Using the Clearing Member View, firms can add or remove account mappings for individual users, and view the orders placed against those accounts. For more information, refer to this User Help System.