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Market data available from CME Group electronic platforms includes real-time market data available from the CME Market Data Platform and historical data available from CME DataMine as described below.

Market data is used to transmit market events such as bids, offers, and trades as well as instrument information and market statistics.Market data available from CME Group electronic platforms includes real-time and historical data as described below.

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CME Market Data Platform

Market data Platform (MDP) allows access to CME futures and options market data directly.


CME DataMine

Customers can purchase customized historical data with CME DataMine, the most comprehensive and authoritative historical price information available on select CME Group contracts providing:

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CME Smart Stream on GCP

With CME Smart Stream on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), clients can access real-time CME Group market data feeds through native Google Cloud Platform services.

CME Data Insights

CME Data Insights is a suite of Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) market data channels. The Settlements and Valuations channels provide robust market data across CME Globex, OTC and floor venues.

CME Benchmark Administration Premium

CME Group supports CME Benchmark Administration Premium for CME Term SOFR Reference Rates.

CME Benchmark Administration Premium is available in the following connection options: