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This topic describes how a customer connects to the CME BrokerTec EU Markets or US Markets Production environment with an order entry client system, GFE and/or CME Group Application and Risk Management Support Tools  session.

After notification that a DR event has occurred, the customer will be required to reconnect to the CME BrokerTec EU Markets or US Markets DR environment using their sessions' DR IPs and Ports for all segments. Since the systems move to another datacenter, when they are running from the DR environment, there may be extra network latency depending on where you are connecting from.


If a CME BrokerTec EU Markets or US Markets DR event occurs, Clearing is the application of record for what has traded (an internal application called CMB can be used by GCC to determine what has actually made it to Clearing and traded). GCC will announce an HH:MM:SS timestamp in the DR event notification message. Customers should contact the GCC to confirm the status of orders submitted at HH:MM:SS timestamp.
Client system must: