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CME Globex Hub offers clients in UK, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo access to the CME Group production environment using Metropolitan Ethernet. Clients connect their Ethernet network to the local CME Group data hubs. CME Group maintains a connection between the local CME Group data hubs and the CME Group production environment.   Diversity is achieved by establishing connections to both local CME Group data hubs using different carriers.

CME Globex Hubs also offers clients in the locations mentioned above connectivity to BrokerTec and EBS US and EU markets located in Secaucus, NJ and Slough, UK.   Hub customers are required to have separate connectivity to access CME Group, BrokerTec and BrokerTec/or EBS

A new hub has been installed in Aurora Tokyo providing CME Licensed Space collocated customers convenient access to BrokerTec markets.  There is a separate link highlighting EBS markets. The CME Globex Hub - Tokyo page highlights the technical details of this new hub - CME Globex Hub - Aurora.

For more details to trade CME Group products via this connectivity method, contact your Globex Account Manager (GAM).

CME Globex Hub connectivity provides access to:

  • iLink order entry on the CME Globex platform for futures, options, BrokerTec, and BrokerTec EBS markets
  • Market data for futures, options, Brokertec, and Brokertec EBS markets on CME on CME Globex disseminated over the CME Market Data Platform (MDP) 
  • CME Clearing House systems for CME Group markets.