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  1. Identify channel(s) in which the client system is out of sync.
  2. Listen to the Incremental feed and queue real-time data for the affected channel(s), and optionally begin MBP natural refresh.
  3. Listen to the Market Recovery feed for the affected channel(s).
  4. For a given instrument, compare the Market Recovery Snapshot message tag 369-LastMsgSeqNumProcessed to the Incremental feed Market Data Incremental Refresh (35=X) message packet sequence number.

    • If the SecurityID appears in both the Incremental feed and Market Recovery feed updates during the comparison, then compare the Market Recovery feed tag 60-TransactTime to the Incremental feed tag 60-TransactTime. The instrument with the unequal 60-TransactTime must be recovered via the next market recovery cycle or optional concurrent natural refresh processing.

    • Drop all cached Incremental feed updates with a packet sequence number < 369-LastMsgSeqNumProcessed.

  5. Once all instruments are recovered via market recovery or natural refresh, start normal processing and disconnect from the market recovery feed.