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Obtaining PC-SPAN Version 4

Via download through the Internet:

The primary method by which  

Complementary copies of PC-SPAN version 4 will be distributed is via download through the Internet, from the PC-SPAN software distribution website.  At this site, you will be prompted to logon with your user ID and a password.  Once you have logged on, you will download a single file, approximately 11M in size, named to indicate the exact version number being downloaded. software can be downloaded through CME Core by all users. To Download, log on to CME Core with your SMARTClick ID, or create a new one. Navigate to the downloads center, and then to software. Download the most recent version of PC-SPAN, selecting the 32 bit option.

For example, the file might be named pcspan-4.5.499593.exe to indicate that it is for "build number 499593" of PC-SPAN 4.5.  You can download this file to any convenient directory on your hard disk or network drive. For example directory  C:\Span4\Install would be a logical place to store the installation file you have downloaded


Alternatively, you may have received PC-SPAN version 4 on CD-ROM.

Internet Explorer Version 5

PC-SPAN version 4 uses many features provided by Version 5 of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser software, and it requires that this browser software be installed.

If you already have Internet Explorer on your PC, but it is an earlier version, you will need to upgrade to Version 5.  (You can check the IE version number by choosing "Help" and then "About" from the browser menu.)  If you have a different browser, or no browser at all, you will need to install Internet Explorer version 5.

Please note that you are not forced to stop using any other browser program, nor are you required to make IE version 5 your "default" browser.  But IE 5 must be installed before PC-SPAN version 4 can be installed.

How to obtain Internet Explorer version 5:

  • If you have obtained PC-SPAN version 4 via download from the Internet:  In this case, Internet Explorer version 5 is not provided with PC-SPAN version 4.  You may be able to obtain Internet Explorer version 5 on CD-ROM from your Internet service provider or from another source.  Or you can download and install it directly from Microsoft's Web site at  The total download size will be about 17Mb.
  • If you have obtained PC-SPAN version 4 on CD-ROM:  Internet Explorer version 5 has been provided on the CD-ROM also.

Installing Internet Explorer version 5 from the PC-SPAN CD-ROM:






Starting the PC-SPAN version 4 installation


  • Close any other programs which may be running.
  • Using the Windows Explorer, the "My Computer" folder, or the "Run..." command from the Start menu, find the downloaded installation file -- for example, "pcspan-4.00-beta-270.exe".
  • Double-click on this file to run it.  (Or single-click if that is how your copy of Windows is configured.)

If you obtained PC-SPAN version 4 on CD-ROM:

  • Close any other programs which may be running.
  • Insert the PC-SPAN version 4 CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  • Click on the Start button, then select Run.
  • In the normal case where your CD-ROM drive is the D: drive, type D:SPANSETUP and press Enter to start the installation program.  (If your CD-ROM drive is any drive other than D:, use that drive letter instead.  If need be, you can click on the Browse button to locate the CD-ROM drive and the SPANSETUP.CMD file.)

PC-SPAN Version 4 Installation Process


PC-SPAN can be easily uninstalled using standard Add/Remove Programs dialog in Windows Control Panel.