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The request allows the Client to update a portfolio which has already been added to CME CORE (Add Portfolio). The client must the unique CME CORE -assigned internal portfolio identifier in the request URL. The transactions have to be submitted separately. If the portfolio with the identifier isn't fond, an error is returned. An error is also returned when the user isn't authorized to modify the portfolio. If the request is valid and successful, then the internal identifier along with the current status is returned.   


/portfolioReq@reqUserIdRequesting User IDStringNo 
/portfolioReq/portfolio@idPortfolio IDString Yes 
/portfolioReq/portfolio@nameNameString No 
/portfolioReq/portfolio@rptCcyReporting CurrencyString NoDefaults to USD.
/portfolioReq/portfolio/entities@clrMbrFirmIdClearing Member Firm IDString No 
/portfolioReq/portfolio/entities@custAcctIdCustomer Account IDString No