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  • Volatility-Quoted Options - Volatility-Quoted options provide users with implied annualized volatility-quoted markets on the CME Globex platform for options on Foreign Exchange (FX) futures. Volatility quoting allows CME Globex users to trade options volatility with an 'auto-hedge' into the corresponding quarterly month of the underlying futures contract.
  • Metals Spreads – Metals spreads include Silver Calendar spreads and miNY Metals spreads.
  • Variable Quantity Energy Products - Variable Quantity Energy Products have a fixed contract size and a multiplier, which is applied to the number of lots traded to calculate the total Cleared Quantity.
  • Implied Intercommodity Ratio Spreads - For agricultural and energy products, the intercommodity ratio spread represents the price differential between a "raw" product and the yield of one or more of its processed products.