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Market data is organized by Market Data Group, which is a configuration of MDP channels providing all market data required to support markets for a given product or set of products.

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nameMDP Market Data Group

Incremental Feed

UDP Feed A and UDP Feed B are used to disseminate CME Group incremental market data using bandwidth efficient, compact encoded packets containing FIX market data messages. All packets are sent through both UDP Feed A and UDP Feed B applicable Market Data Groups. This redundancy minimizes the chance of message loss due to UDP. 


Market data services provide the external data required to process CME Group market data.

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nameMDP Market Data Services

  • Template Dissemination - method for client system to receive all active CME Group templates
  • Market Data Configuration - allows client systems to receive list of all market data channel configurations
  • Security Definition Flat File - contains all Security Definition (tag 35-MsgType=d) messages for CME Globex instruments

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