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These topics illustrate the interactions between various organizations using either:


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pageCLIMP:Portfolio Manager API

This section lists all the flows supported currently by CTAPI. The Portfolio Manager API will support these flows.

 << All trade confirm and notification flows will be displayed here>>

  1. Cleared Trade Notifications
  2. Trade Updates like Account, CTI and Origin Notification
  3. Give up Notifications (Single trade allocation)
  4. Give up Notifications (Trades are grouped)
  5. Give up Release/ Reversal Notifications
  6. Price & Quantity Updates
  7. Trade Transfers
  8. Spreads
  9. Deltas- show translation of previous state of trade to current

<<All Query types that will be supported by the API are displayed here. There will be one generic Query flow >>

  1. Query and Query next page
  2. Snapshots
  3. History of Markets
  4. Positions
  5. Real Time Margins

All queries will support filtering including fields like

  1. Party Role (R) (Trading Firm, account, clearing member),
  2. Trade Date (TrdDt),
  3. FEC Firm Trade ID (TrdID),
  4. CME Unique ID (ExecID),
  5. Order ID (ClOrdID),
  6. Venue (InptSrc) and
  7. Product (ID).