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  • Requests (security, status or data) can be made at the security group (tag 1151-SecurityGroup) or the instrument (tag 48-SecurityID) level.
    • A maximum of 254 instruments is allowed per request
  • If a client is entitled to security group(s) and requests all groups (NoSecurtiyGroups=0, NoRelatedSym=0), RequestIDStatus=FullAck message will be sent.
  • If a client system specifies both SecurityGroup and SecurityID lists in the same message, the MDP gateway will reply only with the SecurityGroup subscriptions and MDReqIDStatus= Partial.
  • If a request is made and some (but not all) of the security group or instruments are not entitled, then the MDP gateway will reply with a partial ack (MDReqIDStatus= Partial).
  • Tag 262-MDReqIDStatus should be unique for the week.
  • If a client system with existing entitlements makes a request for only security groups or instruments to which the customer is not entitled, then a request rejection will be sent
  • If a request is made on a session with NO entitlements, the request is rejected and the session is terminated 
  • If a client system is subscribed to a group and a new instrument is added to the same group mid-week, client systems will begin to receive real-time updates to that instrument.
  • If entitlements for new security group/instruments are added mid-week, the following occurs:
    • Additional security group/instruments will be available, however the session will not send the newly entitled security group/instruments updates unless a request is sent.