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TagNameBinary TypeBinary LengthReqEnumerationDescription

Matches Establish.UUID.


If the Retransmit Request is for a previous UUID, that value should be used. Otherwise, the default null value should be used.

0 – Default CME assigned UUID or Last UUID used in last Establish message.

Time of request. CME Group recommends using the number of nanoseconds since epoch (Jan 1, 1970) as the timestamp.

Sequence number of the first business message requested.

Tag 39018 will not be zero, but it contains the starting sequence number either for current UUID, previous UUID or the default UUID of 0.  


Number of business messages requested.

0 – if request is for all business messages subsequent to FromSeqNo.

Cannot exceed 2500 at a time or the message will be rejected.

If the request is for LastUUID and MsgCount=0, it will 0 – Up to 2500 messages subsequent to FromSeqNo, when available. If the missing messages exceed 2500, it will be capped such that the request does not exceed total of 2500.