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CME Group offers customers access to its network from a set of access options that enable reliable, robust, and cost-efficient connectivity. The links below provide technical connectivity information for customers wanting to connect to CME Group and/or BrokerTec US and EU markets. CME’s network and connectivity services are being enhanced to support BrokerTec connectivity.  BrokerTec connectivity leverages CME’s network, existing connectivity offerings and new offerings: GLink - Secaucus, GLink - Slough, CME Globex Hub - Aurora and EConnect - NY5. CME’s network connects to the CME Globex Platform in Aurora today and will also connect to the BrokerTec Globex Platform in Secaucus and Slough after migration.  CME’s offerings--GLink, EConnect, and Globex Hub--post migration, can be entitled to route to BrokerTec Globex Platforms in Secaucus and Slough as well as the CME Globex Platform in Aurora. Separate ports are required to access the different markets. For example, a customer’s EConnect service from 111 8th Ave and 165 Halsey can be configured to access either CME in Aurora or BrokerTec in Secaucus, but not both.

Click on a link below for complete details on each CME connectivity offering.