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This section contains information pertaining to user authentication and entitlement within the Margin Service API.   

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To initiate a session with CORE's API, the client must make a request passing in the username and password parameters within the HTTP request headers. These credentials must be a valid CME Group Login or API ID.  

Upon successful login, the Margin Service API will return a session ID in the sessionId HTTP response header. 

When API activity is performed utilizing a CME Group Login ID, this activity can be seen by logging into the CME CORE UI with the CME Group Login ID.  


Entitlement for API calls are determined by the CME Group Login ID or API ID used for authentication.

Entitlement is consistent for users between the Margin Service API and user interface. For instance, if a CME CORE user has the ability to calculate margin of an interest rate swap in CME CORE, the user will be able to perform the same function through the API.

Entitlements are provisioned by CME CORE system administrators. Entitlement management is not available through the Margin Service API.