The Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk (SPAN) system is a sophisticated methodology that calculates performance bond requirements by analyzing the "what-ifs" of virtually any market scenario. Continually enhanced and elaborated, the SPAN methodology can be used to evaluate risk for the broadest possible range of derivative and physical instruments. Although originally designed for use with derivatives, its extraordinary capabilities have led to its extensive use in assessing risk for many different types of financial instruments.

Now in its fourth generation of functionality, SPAN has evolved into a suite of three software products designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers:

  • PC-SPAN - A single-user desktop application that offers margin calculation across multiple exchanges. 
  • SPAN Risk Manager - PC-SPAN plus risk analytics.
  • SPAN Risk Manager Clearing - SPAN Risk Manager plus real-time margining, plus risk array calculations and production of SPAN risk parameter files.


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