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A consentGranted message is sent by a Clearing firm to CME Clearing when they claim a trade. This message will not include a swap block. Please refer to the message samples for more details.


consentGranted Message Element

consentGranted Message Specification

Field NameDescriptionXPath

Custom (Y/N)

Enumerations / Values / Schemes 
FpML Root ElementThis is a custom container that has been added to all messages implemented by CME. The element will be prefixed by CME namespace.<cme:FpML>Y 
Message Name (Consent Granted)The FpML message Name/FpML/consentGranted/  
Message IDA unique message ID sent for every unique message sent./FpML/consentGranted/messageId  cme_message_id
Message Reference IDThis reference s the inbound message Id from the request Consent./FpML/consentGranted/inReplyTo  
Message Sent ByIdentifies the entity sending the message. This element uses a Message address scheme./FpML/consentGranted/sentBy 



Message Sent to

Identifies the entity recievingthe message. This element uses a Message address scheme.



CreateTimestamp This is the message creation timestamp or a transaction time/FpML/consentGranted/ creationTimestamp  
Trade Details     
CME Assigned Trade IDA unique Trade ID assigned by CME clearing for the trade. This element uses a trade id scheme.  /FpML/consentGranted/ trade/ tradeHeader/ partyTradeIdentifier/tradeId cme_trade_id 
Party Details    
Clearing FirmThe identifier of the clearing firm as known by CME clearing that guarantees the trade./FpML/consentGranted/party/@id


Clearing AccountThe identifier of the Clearing Account./FpML/consentGranted/account/@id


Account OwnerContains a reference to the party that owns the account.  /FpML/consentGranted/account/servicingParty  clearing_firm
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