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A consentException message is sent by CME clearing to a Clearing firm in response to a consentGranted or a consentRefused. This is sent when CME Clearing cannot process either of these messages due to not finding the trade based based on the trade id provided as the correlation id in the message. This message will not include a swap block. Please refer to the message samples for more details.

consentException Message Element

consentException Message Specification

Field Name

Custom (Y/N)

Enumerations / Values / Schemes 
FpML Root ElementThis is a custom container that has been added to all messages implemented by CME. The element will be prefixed by CME namespace.<cme:FpML>Y 
Message Name (consentException)The FpML message Name/FpML/consentException/  
Message IDA unique message ID sent for every unique message sent./FpML/consentException/messageId  cme_message_id
Message Reference IDThis reference s the inbound message Id from the request Exception./FpML/consentException/inReplyTo  
Message Sent ByIdentifies the entity sending the message. This element uses a Message address scheme./FpML/consentException/sentBy 



Message Sent to

Identifies the entity recievingthe message. This element uses a Message address scheme.



CreateTimestamp This is the message creation timestamp or a transaction time/FpML/consentException/creationTimestamp  
Sender QualifierThis contains an additional identifier that qualifies the Sender (Clearing Firm). This is a custom element that will be used for routing purpose.  /FpML/consentException/sentSub Ycme_exchange_id  
Exception Reason Details    
Reason CodeA code associated with the exception to process the consent. This element uses a reason code scheme./FpML/consentException/reason/@reasonCodeid exception_reason_id
Reason DescriptionThe identifier of the Clearing Account./FpML/consentException/reason/@description


Account OwnerContains a reference to the party that owns the account.  /FpML/consentException/account/servicingParty   
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