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CME ClearPort supports multiple trade submission models for participants to submit outright and spread trades into CME ClearPort so they can be cleared by CME Clearing: This section describes the various trade submission models supported by CME ClearPort. 


 Dual-Sided Trade Submission - Submit affirmed (matched, dual-sided) trades so they can be cleared by CME Clearing. In this model, CME ClearPort credit checks affirmed trades, or if required, clearing firms explicitly claim the trades pending clear. If the trade requires credit check in CME ClearPort then the entire trade clears immediately once it passes.  If the trade requires explicit claim in FEC each clearing firm must accept their side for the entire trade to clear, and there is the potential for the trade to be partially cleared if the trade was allocated out to multiple customer accounts.

Single-Side Trade Submission - Submit single-sided trades so they can be matched in CME ClearPort and subsequently cleared by CME Clearing. Trade sides match when both participants have submitted their sides. If a match occurs, the resulting matched trade will then be eligible for clearing and the CME Front End Clearing System (FEC) notifies the designated clearing firms of a cleared trade, or in the case where the trade requires explicit claim in FEC by each clearing firm, a trade that is Pending Clear. When a clearing firm claims, FEC notifies the submitter of the claim status automatically if the submitter used WebSphere MQ as their method of transport. Submitters using Secure HTTP as their method of transport must continually request trade status. 



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