For the client system front end display of UDS instruments, the market data Security Definition (tag 35-MsgType=d) must be processed according to the following guidelines.

Decompose All Spread Instruments to Outright Instruments

Due to the following conditions:

  • the market data Security Definition (tag 35-MsgType=d) message, tag 55-symbol, may not contain sufficient information to display all attributes of the spread, and
  • a UDS can have a spread as a leg

each leg of the UDS must be decomposed to the outright level to ensure all component leg attributes are identified for display. To determine the exact attributes of all instruments comprising a given spread, the UDS security definition should be 'unpacked' such that all leg repeating groups are decomposed, according to each tag 602-LegSecurityID value, to the outright level. If a leg instrument, based on the leg tag 48-SecurityID lookup, is determined to be a spread, that spread should in turn be decomposed to the outright level.

Once the spread is decomposed to the outright level, the Security Definition per component outright can be processed per the outright values:

The following links provide additional information regarding the display of UDS instruments:

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