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CME provides an FTP ( and SFTP ( site to disseminate schemas and market data configuration information. This FTP/SFTP site contains the Schema and Configuration files for all events. Schema and market data configuration details for the Production environment are only available to customers after the certification process is complete. 

Information applies as follows in the table:

  • Environment - specific environment (i.e., Certification, New Release, Production).

    The AutoCert+ tool will indicate which environment you need to connect to for certification. For additional information on AutoCert+ access, refer to the AutoCert+ Access Guide.
  • Service - the Schema or Configuration service.
  • FTP/SFTP Site - address of FTP/SFTP site.
  • Directory Location - identifies the directory.
  • Client System Update Schedule - client systems should download updates according to the schedule specified.
EnvironmentServiceFTP/SFTP SiteDirectory LocationClient System Update Schedule

New Release

Schema or

/SBEFix/NRCert/StrTemplates/Sunday prior to market open

New Release




New Release AutoCert+

Schema/SBEFix/NRAutoCertPlus/StrTemplates/Sunday prior to market open

New Release AutoCert+





Sunday prior to market open