CME Post Trade services include:

  • CME STP Core - details common CME Straight Through Processing (CME STP) features and functions applicable to markets and venues offered by CME Group.
  • CME STP - allows customers to retrieve FIXML messages containing NYMEX, COMEX, DME, CBOT via CMD, and CME cleared trade information.
  • CME STP for BrokerTec Fixed Income Markets - outlines available Post Trade services for BrokerTec Fixed Income Markets available from CME Group.
  • CME GC Allocator API - provides support for General Collateral (GC) Repo customers to manage their post-trade GC allocations and substitutions.
  • EBS Analytics API Rules of Engagement - provides insights that allow clients to analyze trade flows, optimize execution efficiencies and benchmark their performance against the EBS community, including statistics on averages for like trades.
  • EBS Reporting -  includes an overview of the EBS reports on CME Globex distributed through either Enterprise Reporting Portal (EREP) or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
  • MiFIR Transaction Reporting - provides information to support clients subject to MiFID II requirements
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