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Order Status Request (OSR) functionality provides iLink 2 users the capability to request the current state of their orders using the Order Status Request (tag 35-MsgType=H) message.


OSR should only be used to check order status -- for example, at weekend start-up, a status request for GT orders in the event where the sequence number has rolled from week to week (business week = Sunday thru Friday).

In event where the client gateway has gone down, the iLink 2 Resend Request should be used for message recovery.

For Optimum Performance

If an order being queried has been modified, CME Group STRONGLY RECOMMENDS the client system to use the most recent tag 11 value.

Tag 11-ClOrdID value must = that of the order being queried.
Tag 37-OrderID is a required tag in the request message.

Like all CME Globex messaging, Order Status Requests are subject to Messaging Controls.

See also:

Special Case for UDS Covered

If a New Order (tag 35-MsgType=D) message sent on a UDS Covered instrument is rejected with a Business Level Reject message and the client system subsequently submits an Order Status Request (tag 35-Msg­Type=H) for the rejected New Order, the Execution Report – Order Status Report (tag 35-MsgType=8) message will contain a value of 'N/A' in tag 55-Symbol.