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 Confirm Upgrade Date 

 Receive New EBS Keypad

 Confirm 2FA Method (Mobile app, Yubikey, Phone)

 Obtain EBS Workstation Guide, Training Videos or Demo

 Receive Welcome e-Mail

 Activate Account (New Username, Complex Password and 2FA)

 Complete Upgrade (New Login Screen)

 Connect Keypad via USB; Switches Set to New WS Mode

 Login Successfully

 Set Up Screen and User Preferences


1. All physical EBS Workstations will be upgraded to a new EBS Workstation application over the course of 2021. Users will be informed of the date of the upgrade.

2. To become familiar with the functionality of new EBS Workstation, please refer to the EBS Workstation Quick Guide (PDF or online), watch our Educational Videos, or reach out to your EBS Sales representative to arrange a Demo.  

3. Existing EBS Keypads will stop working after an upgrade. A new EBS Keypad is required to work with the new EBS Workstation. 

4. You can use the new EBS Keypad with existing EBS Workstation prior to upgrade. To do so, connect the new EBS Keypad to your current EBS Workstation using the USB-B or Serial ports and put dip switches on the back of the Keypad into legacy mode: switches 1 and 2 – up

5. To meet modern security standards after the upgrade, EBS Workstation requires a new Username, complex Password, and one of 3 second factor (2FA) authentication methods.  For more information, please refer to the document named Getting Started with DUO Security for EBS Applications.

Duo Mobile App

Duo Mobile App is an application on an Android or iOS mobile device requiring users to respond to a push notification when challenged.  Users must download and install the DUO app from Google Play or the Apple Store prior to log in.

Security Key (U2F)

Universal Second Factor USB Key, inserted into the user’s workstation or New EBS Keypad, and tapped when requested (e.g. Yubikey).

Phone Call

A call to a user’s registered phone number when prompted to authenticate.  Requests can be approved by answering the call and pressing any key on the phone’s keypad.

For Desk Phone Registration, users are required to provide telephone numbers to EBS in advance.

6. Within 2 weeks prior to an EBS Workstation upgrade, users receive a Welcome e-mail requesting activation of your EBS Workstation account. Activate accounts as soon as possible to ensure you can log in to the system following the upgrade.  Activation requires use of a PC with Internet access.  Users are required to log out of the old EBS Workstation prior to activation.  You will be able to log in to your old EBS Workstation again after completing account activation. 

7. Click a link in the activation e-mail to access an activation page.  A new Username typically matches a corporate e-mail address.  Secure Passwords must be a minimum of 10 characters (with at least one number, one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one symbol) and must not include any part of the username, or first or last names of the user. Existing Trader IDs will be linked to your new Username.

On first login, users are prompted to set up a second factor authentication (2FA).  Subsequently, users must authenticate via a second factor on the following occasions:

  • First time login on a new device
  • 90 days after the previous second factor authentication on a trusted device
  • After clearing all browser cookies
  • When attempting to make any changes to 2FA options

8. After a scheduled upgrade, your screen appears as follows:

9. Your old EBS Keypad will not work.  Ensure that a new EBS Keypad is connected to EBS Workstation via a USB cable (not serial) and that dip switches on the back of the Keypad are in New EBS Workstation mode: switches 1 and 2 – down; If a Keypad is not detected, unplug and replug the USB cable to the back of the Keypad.

10. Log into the application using Username (e-mail address), Password, and 2FA method, which you set up during activation.  If Security Key is the selected 2FA method, use dedicated USB-A port on the back of new EBS Keypad to insert the key and verify your identity; Regardless of 2FA method, users can choose the Remember for 90 days option and not be prompted for 2FA on the same machine each time.

11. Once the application loads, some default price and information panels load; however old screen layout and settings will not carry over and users must set up their screen. Refer to the EBS Workstation Quick Guide (PDF or online) for details on setting up a screen.

Increase the number of panels that fit a screen or increase the size of price panels and font size by adjusting the Zoom setting. Press the F9 key on a normal Keyboard.  This opens an advanced menu at the top of the screen.  Select View and use a Mouse to adjust Zoom. Once done, press the F9 key again to close the menu.

12. For questions regarding the migration process, contact your EBS Sales representative.  For issues during the first login or for screen setup, contact the Global Command Center.

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