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fMass Quote Protections (MQP) is a user selected function that, in certain situations, can automatically cancel resting quotes and time-out for user specified Group Codes, Product Line and Aggregate Product Lines.

Mass Quote Protections (MQP):

  • Available for CME Globex options on futures quote trades.

  • Dependency on asset class rules.
  • User selected and configured thresholds.
  • Activated by an initial mass quote fill that breaches threshold in the exchange defined time interval (one second).
  • Evaluates submitted details of tag 35-MsgType=d Security Definition against user configured thresholds.
  • Cancels resting quotes and rejects additional Mass Quote messages until a reset message is submitted.

User Help System

For more information on Mass Quote Protections (MQP), refer to this User Help System.

See a listing of other front-end User Help Systems for risk management services and more. 

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