Please view this video for an overview of the various market integrity controls.

CME Globex provides extensive market integrity controls to ensure fair and efficient markets, including:

Messaging Controls - prevent excessive messaging rates.

Limits and Banding - ensure price integrity for all products traded on the platform.

Velocity Logic - mitigates unsound price movement by suspending a market or markets if an execution occurs outside a predefined point value within a predefined time period.

Market and Instrument States - control market and instrument availability and allowable order entry activity.

Automated Port Closure - automatically logs out and closes primary and backup ports for any iLink session that exceeds the threshold of invalid Logon (tag 35=A) messages.

Protection Functionality for Market and Stop Orders - prevents Market and triggerd Stop orders from being filled at extreme prices.

CME Globex Market Segment Gateway Safeguards - when CME Globex detects an iLink message that spans more than one packet, CME Globex submits the message to additional processing.