CME Globex Kill Switch allows Clearing firms a one-step shutdown of all their CME Globex activity at the SenderComp ID level. When Kill Switch functionality is activated by the permissioned firm, all order entry is blocked and all working orders are cancelled for either a selected subset or all of the firm's SenderComp IDs.

Access to Kill Switch functionality is available to all current GC2 Risk Admins. Clearing Firms will have the ability to grant access to the functionality to their Executing Firms.

Kill Switch features include:
  • Block Execution Firm Order Entry

All subsequent Blocked Execution Firm order entries will be rejected with a Session Level Reject (tag 35-MsgType=3) message and the accompanying text explanation.

Examples of tag 58-Text

Reject Level

Valid Values

Executing Firm

Kill Switch enforced byfor Executing Firm

Clearing Firm

Kill Switch enforced by Clearing Firm Admin for Executing Firm


Kill Switch enforced by Exchange Admin for Executing Firm

tag 378-ExecRestatementReason


FIX Name

Valid Values





Cancel from Risk Management API (RMI)



Kill Switch  will cancel orders during the following market states: Pre-open, Open, Pause, Post Close Pre-Open, Reserve.

Kill Switch will not affect working GT orders in closed markets.

Please contact the GCC to confirm order status.

All risk management services are offered by CME Group on a best-efforts basis. Clearing Member Firm (CMF) Risk Administrators only have access to the Execution Firms and Exchanges that they guarantee. Any attempt to take action on an Executing Firm and Exchange assigned to a different CMF will be rejected.

User Help System

For complete details regarding the Risk Management Interface GUI, refer to the Risk Management Tools User Help System.