EBS Risk Management API provides API access to EBS risk administrators through simple API calls to retrieve lists of entity groups, retrieve and set credit limits and kill or unkill trading.

EBS Risk Management API is a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Representation State Transfer (REST) API which provides REST endpoints (URLs) representing the HTTP methods GET request to retrieve records, and the POST request to create new records. EBS Risk Management API risk authenticates risk administrators using OAuth 2.0 protocol.

EBS risk administrators can use the EBS Risk Management API or User Interface (UI) to manage risk. For details about the EBS Risk Management UI, please refer to the User Help System.


EBS Risk Management API Message Specifications

The following end points will enable a risk administration manager to execute the  listed functions for EBS Market and EBS Direct trading venues:

Firm StatusUpdate Firm Status/firmStatusPOST

Kill or un-kill trading for a Prime Customer, Prime of Prime Broker or Prime of Prime Customer GFIDs that are their direct credit child.

Get Firm Status/firmStatus/{fid}GET

Retrieve tradable status of firm

Grantee GroupsList Grantee Groups/grantee-groups/{grantorGroupId}GET

Retrieve list of grantee groups requestor has access to

Grantor GroupsList Grantor Groups/grantor-groupsGET

Retrieve list of grantor groups requestor has access to

LimitsList Grantee Group Limits/limits/{granteeGroupId}GET

Retrieve limits configured for a grantee group

Update Grantee Group Limits/limits/{granteeGroupId}POST

Set limits for a grantee group

Prime CustomersList Prime Customers/prime-customersGETRetrieve list of prime customers requestor has access to
HealthGet Health Status/actuator/healthGETRequest API health status

Request fails due to request errors or server errors, an error response message is returned in JSON format.

Getting Started

Contact Global Account Managers - Customer Service for onboarding and certification information for EBS Risk Management API.

Connectivity Modes

To access EBS Credit API over the internet, customers must connect to the following URLs:

ServiceEnvironmentDNS Name
EBS Credit over HTTPSNew Release




These URLs use certificates signed by an official trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Customers do not need to install additional certificates.

Testing and Certification

Client systems are required to certify in New Release before accessing the EBS Risk Management API in production. Contact Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET) for more information on testing and certification.

Customer testing for EBS credit functionality will be supported in the New Release environment through the AutoCert+ tool. For complete details see the EBS AC+ Webhelp.

Disaster Recovery Considerations

During a disaster recovery (DR) event clients will automatically be directed to the DR instance of EBS Risk Management API. Clients do not need to make any connectivity changes.

Hours of Availability

See CME Group Trading Hours. 

EBS Risk Management API is available in Production beginning 2 PM Central Time Sunday afternoon through 9 PM Central Time Friday. Internal testing occurs every weekend in the Production Environment; please make sure your API is not connected from Friday night until Sunday morning.

Contact Information

For technical development support, contact Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET).

For production requests, please contact the Global Command Center (GCC).

For all other inquiries, please contact Global Account Management (GAM).

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