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EBS is re-platforming its trading venues, interfaces and technology to create an enhanced suite of FX offerings reinforcing EBS’ critical role in global FX liquidity. Subject to applicable regulatory approvals, all Products will be integrated onto the CME Globex platform. This integration will be a hard cut-over from the EBS Market platform to CME Group architecture and services.

This content describes client onboarding and setup services for the new market functionality for EBS Market's central limit order book and eFix Matching Services integration onto the CME Globex platform.

Getting Started with CME Group Services

For an overview of current CME Group services that will be used for EBS Market including eFix Matching Service on CME Globex, and if you are new to CME Group services or wish to better understand how your current system aligns with upcoming EBS functionality, CME Group recommends Getting Started with CME Group Services.

For full technical information, see the CME Globex platform topic.

EBS Customer Setup Process

EBS Onboarding

Revision History

Please revisit this page to see the latest updates, as new details will become available throughout the integration.  

June 22, 2022Updated description for FirmSoft.
June 10, 2022Updated description and linked resources for EBS Quant Analytics.
September 24, 2021Added link to EBS Risk Management video.
August 18, 2021Updated references to launch and availability dates.
June 16, 2021Updated EBS Central Post Trade section.
May 18, 2021Updated Market Data groups in the Market Data MDP 3.0 API section.
May 5, 2021Initial version.

EBS Setup Overview

Use the following task checklist to track activities that are required to access and set up EBS services for CME Globex.

Required Setup Steps

Additional Details

__ Use an existing CME Group Login ID or create a new CME Group Login with multi-factor authentication.

__ Set up Duo two-factor authentication.

CME Group Login and Duo two-factor authentication is required to access forms, services, applications and for viewing premium website content. All entity users that will access CME applications must have a unique CME Group Login ID.  

Designated persons and application users can request access from their entity administrator.

To complete application access, users must provide their existing CME Group Login ID and secure token to the entity administrator to complete setup. CME Group or entity administrators will never ask for your password.

See more information in the CME Group Login User Help.

Ensure the IDTA form is complete prior to securing connectivity to the CME Globex New Release Environment (Cert VPN or Cert Data Center Cross Connect) for API testing and certification. 

After establishing connectivity to the New Release Environment, refer to the EBS New Release Testing and Certification Setup for steps to gain access to the CME Request Center NR/Cert and to create and view requests for CME Globex entities to use during API testing and certification. 

__ Complete and sign the Data Center Connection Agreement (DCCA) form. 

__ Set up a network connection to the Production Environment for CME Globex.

Choose from a variety of Production Connectivity offerings.  

Production environment connectivity steps should be pursued in parallel to testing and certification steps.

__ Submit CME Customer Center Self-Service Form to authorize Admin Managers.

Obtain agreements from Global Account Management (GAM).

__ Set up required APIs   

To request access to required and optional CME Group APIs: iLink 3 Order Entry, Drop Copy, Market Data, Reference Data API, contact your Global Account Manager (GAM).

__ Set up sessions using Self-Service via CME Request Center in the Production environment. 

Create iLink Order Entry session IDs, Drop Copy sessions, and Market Data TCP sessions. This step is performed after successfully completing testing and certification.

__ Complete additional self-service setup for entity, user, and user interface applications, as required. 

For questions or issues, contact Global Account Management (GAM).

EBS Setup Details

The following sections provide additional details about setting up and accessing EBS services for CME Globex, described in the checklist above.

EBS New Release Testing and Certification Setup

With the launch of EBS Market on CME Globex for client testing, two testing environments are available to EBS clients:

  • CME Globex New Release environment
  • EBS Customer Lab

These environments are in separate data centers and have distinct connectivity. EBS clients should select the testing environment(s) that support the trading platforms, modes and services they need, as detailed in the EBS Integration - Environments Overview.

All EBS Markets and eFix Matching client systems will need to establish connectivity to the CME Globex New Release environment prior to testing or certifying. Clients may choose from the following options:

  • CME Cert VPN: a secure, encrypted tunnel through an internet service that supports VPN protocols
  • CME Cert Data Center: cross-connect to CME Data Center locations (where offered), using a 1Gbps fiber handoff

__ Follow the steps in Process Summary: EBS New Release Testing Setupwhich details how to:

  • set up connectivity to the CME Globex New Release environment
  • gain access to the CME Group Request Center to submit company details or update company details to request EBS markets
  • create test sessions for EBS markets in the New Release environment
  • create application system profiles for API certification using AutoCert +. 


CME Group requires all directly-connected client systems interfacing with CME Group systems to be certified by AutoCert+, an automated testing tool for validating client system functionality. Customers are encouraged to test their applications in the New Release environment prior to attempting application Certification via AutoCert +. Certification is designed to verify application behavior and conformance with CME Group requirements and ensures messaging and processing reliability and the capability to gracefully recover during abnormal message processing events.

__ Access AutoCert+ for Certification: Clients must first access CME Request Center NR/Cert to both set up company details and sessions needed for testing in the New Release environment and to create application systems needed for certification prior to using the AutoCert+ application to access test suites of certification scenarios. Within the certification scenarios are multiple test cases that validate the functionality of the customer’s application. After all test cases are successfully completed, the application will be certified and can move on to Production.

End to End Testing EBS CPT APIs

Firms requesting end to end testing for EBS Central Post Trade (CPT) APIs require specific GFID setup with end to end permission from NR/Cert Request Center and mapped between CME Globex New Release environment and Customer Lab, as outlined in EBS Post Trade Testing Options.

Technical development and certification support are available from CSET.

Establish Production Connectivity 

Establishing connectivity to the Production Environment is required for trading EBS products on the CME Globex platform.

__ Select an EBS Production Connectivity Option, which is used to connect customer-side physical devices to CME Group environments.

__ Complete a Data Center Connection Agreement form for the selected connectivity offering. 

__ Complete a 'Production Environment Access Request and Change Form' for the selected connectivity offering: 

Although the production environment can be set up before certifying the CME Globex New Release environment, CME Group requires that client systems connected to CME Globex must be tested and certified before transacting in the Production environment.

Required EBS Customer Form Details

Self-Service Setup

All EBS customers must complete the following agreements or forms. To obtain the following agreements or to get started with entity setup, contact Global Account Management (GAM)

__ CME Customer Center Self-Service Form: To use CME Group applications and solutions, customers must have a valid CME Customer Center Self Service Form. This form is offered to CME Group customers to enable the use of Self-Service tools, which are accessed from the CME Customer Center as needed to manage registration and onboarding to CME Group services and to setup and manage additional entity information.

__ For the required self-service agreements, specify or confirm designated individuals that will manage self-service entity and user administration for EBS Market or Futures & Options.

  • Entity Information: Provide legal entity information, including affiliates that will be managed as a single entity.
  • Entity Officer: The entity officer must identify Admin Managers that will be responsible for daily administration including administration of user entitlements, permission and restrictions.
  • Admin Manager: Authorized by the Operations Contact as the person responsible for administration of applications or assignment of Application Administrator privileges to additional user(s) and approving self-service requests submitted by entity users.
  • Service Administrator: Manages user access based on approval of Admin Manager, including application user access.

Self-Service Tool


Additional Resources

User Administration

Assign and manage application user permissions, such as Request Center, Firm Administrator Dashboard and FirmSoft. 

View User Help instructions for BrokerTec and Futures & Options.  EBS information will be included at a later date.

Request Center 

Request Center is a self-service application function that allows authorized clearing and execution firm administrators or authorized additional users to complete CME Globex entity requests.

Manage entity configuration for Request Center services such as: Globex Firm IDs (GFID), Globex User Signatures (GUS), iLink Sessions / Order Entry Sessions, Drop Copy Sessions, and Market Data Sessions.

  • Deal/Floor Code, now known as Globex Firm ID (GFID): Create and manage GFIDs, which are used to identify EBS market participants. 

  • Trader Id, now known as Globex User Signature (GUS): Create and manage a GUS. This identifies EBS participants (persons or algo operators) authorized to manage EBS GFID market participant details and submit trades for the GFID and entity. 

    • A GUS can be associated to multiple GFIDs; however, Request Center allows the creation of only one GUS/GFID association per request.

  • Order Entry Sessions: Create and manage order entry sessions, which are used to access CME Globex to send / receive order messages.

  • Drop Copy Sessions: Create sessions that utilize the Drop Copy service to receive trading activity communications via the iLink order entry gateway. 

  • Market Data Sessions: Create sessions to access TCP market data via an API connection.

View User Help instructions for BrokerTec and Futures & Options. EBS information will be included at a later date.

Applications and Services

User Interface Setup

CME Group offers the following additional optional user interface applications:

EBS Workstation

EBS Workstation is a pre-screened credit-based trading system that allows professional traders to deal in Spot foreign exchange and NDFs, anonymously on EBS Market, or bilaterally via EBS Direct.

All EBS User Interface users for Spot, NDF and Metals trading will be upgraded to the new EBS Workstation prior to the CME Globex integration. 

Existing logins and profiles will be migrated and available for testing in prior to the CME Globex integration.

EBS Quant Analytics

Quant Analytics is a HTML platform that provides deeper insight into CME FX, CME FX Link, CME Treasury futures and BrokerTec Cash Treasuries, EBS Market (EBSM), and EBS Direct (EBSD) activity and liquidity structures along with advanced statistical views on your trade activity, including bilateral liquidity relationships.

Requirements to run dashboards

Access point for Quant analytics is

Quant analytics requires Chrome and Microsoft Edge released in the most recent 12-month period  to run. WebSocket’s must be enabled.

Access Requirements

All users of Quant analytics require a CME Group login with two factor authentication. Your designated front office admin must apply for access to Quant Analytics on your behalf.

EBS Risk Management

EBS Risk Management (EBS RM) application is available to Bilateral Risk Administrators and Prime Risk Administrators to manage credit relationships, configure risk limits and access other available credit functionality. EBS RM also supports the ability for users to monitor credit usage, audit history, and generate an end of day report.  Read-only access is available.   

Details for TFA users migrating to the EBS Risk Management application and new user registration will be available at a later date.  All risk settings in EBS TFA will be migrated to EBS Risk Manager. 


An optional order management tool that provides real-time access to information on working and filled CME Globex orders. 

FirmSoft access is granted by an Admin Manager via the Request Center - User Administration function.

For additional requests contact GAM.

Firm Administrator Dashboard

Firm Administrator Dashboard (FADB) is used to manage Self-Match Prevention IDs, which allows authorized users to prevent matching orders for accounts with a common beneficial owner.

EBS FADB users can view the following:

  • iLink Order Entry Session ID details for GFIDs to which they are associated, including charges
  • Drop Copy Group
  • Cancel on Disconnect Status

Access is granted via the Request Center - User Administration function.

An Admin Manager or Application / Service Administrator can access the User Administration application to assign user entitlements to view and manage SMP assignment.


Enterprise Reporting Portal (EREP) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

EBS Reports will be available via two options:

  • Enterprise Reporting Portal (EREP):  Browser-based tool that enables firm users to search, view, and print or download CME Group pre-processed reports. This feature offers customers the flexibility to review and reconcile reports in various formats and is typically the tool used for most traders to view and download their daily reports.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): Network transmission protocol that uses a Secure Shell (SSH) connection and public / private key pair to authenticate access prior to sending and receiving files over a secure connection.  SFTP is typically used by a firm's back office to set up a centralized, systematic method for receiving reports into their systems.

The reports available through EREP and SFTP are separate from the dashboards available through EBS Quant Analytics.

To obtain access to either EREP or SFTP, the following steps are required:

__ An entity officer must complete and submit a CME Customer Center Self-Service Form to GAM; specifying at least two back-office admin managers.

__ Report recipients and application users must create or use an existing CME Group Login.

__ Report recipients request access to EREP and/or SFTP through their firm's Back-Office Admin Manager.

__ Back-Office Admin Managers complete and submit applicable form(s) for required report access:

When submitting forms for reporting access, specify the user(s), roles or categories of reports needed. For a summary of the reports and applicable report access roles, review the EBS Reporting guide.

Firms that want to test report access can register for participation in Early Access and/or Mock Trading activities.

Application Programming Interfaces

When connecting to an API service, ensure you have a valid CME Group Login, then create an API ID, if required, which is used to authenticate system-to-system connections.

Managing API IDs

Authorized users can access the CME Customer Center with a valid CME Group Login to create and manage IDs that are used to authenticate API system-to-system communication to CME Group applications. 

__ From the CME Customer Center, navigate to My Profile, and then select the API Management tab.

__ Configure the customer side system with API ID, as required. 

Select links from the 'API Service' column below to see additional setup details:

Contact your Global Account Manager to request access to CME Group APIs.  

iLink 3 Order Entry API

A required function that connects trading systems to transact business (i.e. order routing) on the CME Globex platform; through available connectivity options.

__ After requesting NR and Production environment access, use the Request Center NR application to create a CME Globex New Release order entry session, which is used to submit orders and receive confirmation messages. This includes setting up a Globex Firm ID and Signature.

__ Set up customer side systems.

__ After successful CME Globex NR environment testing and certification, create a production iLink 3 order entry session ID via CME Request Center and set up the environment and additional applications for trading.

__ Set up a secure login via HMAC keyed-hash message authentication code.

Market Data MDP 3.0 API

Required for customers that use iLink Order Entry. CME Group is integrating EBS products onto CME Globex and disseminating market data over the CME Group Market Data Platform (CME MDP 3.0)Recovery and supporting services for market data processing are also provided with this solution.  The integration will impact the following markets: 

  • FX Spot
  • Precious Metal Spot
  • eFix Matching

The following new CME MDP 3.0 Market Data Groups will be offered for EBS Market on CME Globex:

  • New York
    • Conflated UDP - EBS Ultra
    • Conflated TCP - Credit Screened
  • London
    • Conflated UDP - EBS Ultra
    • Conflated TCP - Credit Screened
    • Conflated TCP - EBS Ultra Russian Ruble
  • London Off-SEF NDF
    • Conflated UDP - EBS Ultra
    • Conflated TCP - Credit Screened
  • London On-SEF NDF
    • Conflated UDP - EBS Ultra
    • Conflated TCP - Credit Screened

__ To request MDP 3.0 access, contact Global Account Management (GAM).

__ Prior to connecting to EBS MDP on CME Globex in the production environment, customers must use AutoCert+ to certify directly connected systems in the new release environment.

For technical development and testing support, contact Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET).

CME Reference Data API Version 2

A required API function to obtain real-time product and instrument reference data for CME Group (including EBS and BrokerTec), Hosted Partners and CME Group-cleared markets. This includes product referential data for:

  • EBS Market on CME Globex
  • eFix Matching Service on CME Globex
  • EBS Direct

If you are new to CME Group services or wish to better understand how your current system aligns with upcoming EBS functionality, CME Group recommends starting with the CME Reference Data API Version 2 information.

The following actions are required to access EBS product data on CME Reference Data API.

__ Create an OAuth API ID

__ Register EBS Referential Data Entitlements

CME Group recommends reviewing the CME Reference Data API Version 2 client impact assessment for an overview of current CME Reference Data APIv2 concepts that will be used for EBS on CME Globex.

Create an OAuth API ID

To access the CME Reference Data APIv2 endpoints in the New Release and Production environments, customers are required to have a valid OAuth API ID. OAuth is an open protocol that allows secure authorization in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications. 

CME Group requires customers to create unique OAuth API IDs for both the New Release and Production environments.  

__ See steps of creating OAuth API IDs.

Register EBS Referential Data Entitlements

Once customers have created a valid OAuth API ID, the API IDs must be entitled and registered by the Enterprise Access and Entitlements (EASE) team to view and consume the EBS referential data content. 

EBS Entitlement Registration Forms:

__ To request access in the New Release environment, complete the CME EBS Reference Data API ID Test Registration - New Release form

Access to production EBS entitlement registration forms will be provided at a later date.

Drop Copy API

An optional real-time risk management feed of CME Globex activity that is used as a Central Order Book risk management solution to view real-time trading activity on CME Globex. 
The Drop Copy API is accessible over all CME Globex connectivity options, using FIX messaging.

Prior to production environment access, firms must have a signed customer agreement and directly connected systems must be certified in the New Release environment.

__ Admin Managers must assign user entitlements to create and manage Drop Copy Groups.

__ Use the Request Center function to create a Drop Copy Group.

__ Generate HMAC codes for secure system login. 

EBS Central Post Trade (CPT)

Subject to applicable regulatory approvals, EBS Central Post Trade (CPT) FIX and TOF API will be integrated with CME Group systems. Both the EBS FIX and TOF APIs have been made backward compatible for all Bilateral and Prime customers.

While CME Group does not expect there to be any issues during this integration, we are recommending customers test their existing Central Post Trade system in the CME Group New Release Environment or the existing EBS Customer Lab to ensure readiness for the new feed ahead of the cutover later this year.

Advantages of verifying your EBS CPT system:

  • Requires a short verification testing exercise
  • No coding or development work required
  • Verification can be done at time of customer choosing via EBS test environment
  • No conformance test required for existing EBS CPT customers
  • Peace-of-mind transition

EBS Risk Manager API

EBS Risk Manager (EBS RM API) offers an optional REST API for managing Bilateral and Prime customer credit limits. The EBS RM API also supports “kill switch” functionality.

Contact your Global Account Manager (GAM) for more details. 

EBS Analytics API

Additional details will be available at a later date.

Support Contact Details

CME Group support teams are available to assist with EBS Operational Readiness.

ServiceContact DetailsHours (Central Time)

CME Globex Integration Relationship Management

  • Global Account Management (GAM): Provides technology relationship management to trading firms, intermediaries, infrastructure service providers, data distributors and third-party software vendors.  GAM is also responsible for licensing and administration related to all real-time, delayed and end of day market data for EBS, CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, DME and S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Sun 17:00 - Fri 17:00

Access and Entitlements Support

  • Enterprise Application & Systems Entitlements (EASE)Enables access to CME Group markets & systems (7x24).  EASE entitles and supports customers on a variety of CME Group and EBS applications and support tools for production and new release environments.


United States: +1 312 456 1560

EMEA: +44 203 379 3802
Asia: +65 6593 5536

Sun 17:00 - Fri 17:00

Software Development Testing and Certification Support

  • Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET)Manages customers and partners through testing, development and certification for new technology initiatives.

CSET - CME Globex

United States: +1 312 930 2322
UK/EMEA: +44 20 3379 3803
Asia: +65 6593 5593

Sun 16:00 - Fri 16:30

Production Support

  • Global Command Center (GCC)The CME Global Command Center (GCC) provides dedicated support for EBS products and services, and is the first point of contact for all EBS-specific queries relating to not only the trading platform, post-trade services, trade reconciliation and products, but also network, software and hardware issues.  GCC also oversees market operations and production support for trading on CME Globex and OTC markets, surveilling market behaviors, monitoring system performance, operating market schedules, and troubleshooting market participant's inquiries.  Additionally, the GCC provides emergency notifications of system outages and market events and oversees all aspects of electronic trading sessions.

Global Command Center

United States: +1 800 438 8616

EMEA: +44 20 7623 4747

Asia: +65 6532 5010

Sun 14:00 - Fri 16:30

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