In response to ongoing regulatory reporting harmonization across different jurisdictions, CME Group is committed to supporting EBS Foreign Exchange (FX) trading venue customers in meeting their regulatory obligations in the regions from which they operate.

CME Group will meet key compliance dates for venues and clients:

January 29, 2024CFTC re-write Phase II
April 29, 2024 (EU) and September 30, 2024 (UK)European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) Refit

These initiatives will introduce the Unique Product Identifier (UPI), which sits above the ISIN, an existing identifier already provided to customers trading on NEX Swap Execution Facility (SEF), Multi-lateral Trading Facilities (MTF) (operated by NEX SEF) and the EBS UK MTF (operated by BrokerTec Europe Limited).

The implementation of UPI (for EBS) will be no later than January 29, 2024.  To ensure customers trading FX Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF) products have access to the UPI values for trade confirmation messages and end of day reports (for the above trading venues), technology enhancements shall be implemented prior to implementation.

EMEA / UK Clients ONLY

CME Group for EBS Markets venues will also look to provide a Report Tracking Number (RTN) for all exchange traded derivatives (including OTC) to support clients with an EMIR reporting obligation to ensure accurate reporting. 

Details about both UPI and RTN impacts to client systems are provided within this topic:


Revision History

September 13, 2023Initial publication

Key Events and Dates

Monday, November 6, 2023UPI available for customer testing in the New Release environment
Monday, January 29, 2024EBS Markets UPI implementation

Client System Impacts


Unique Product Identifier

EBS Central Post Trade (CPT) FIX will introduce a new field to support UPI:

Field NumberField NameDescriptionField Length



Uniquely identifies the product of a security using ISO 4914 standard, Unique Product Identifier (UPI). The DSB (Derivative Service Bureau Ltd) is acting as designated service provider for UPI System.

12 alphanumeric characters

Report Tracking Number

EBS CPT FIX contains an existing field to support RTN for EMEA / UK Clients:

Field Number

Field Name


Field Length



Transaction identifier required by government regulators or other 
regulatory organizations for regulatory reporting purposes and the Trading Venue Transaction Identification Code (TVTIC) for MiFID Reporting.

Up to 10 integers


Unique Product Identifier

As EBS CPT Ticket Output Feed API (CPT TOF) will be decommissioned by December 31, 2024, CME Group will not implement updates to the EBS CPT TOF API to support UPI.

Impacted clients should contact Global Account Management to implement a migration strategy. In the event that this cannot be completed prior to the earliest compliance date, map the UPI of relevant currency pairs in your referential data systems as the value will remain static for the life of the product.

To obtain the UPI value for your regulatory reporting obligation, refer to the ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB) for guidance.

Report Tracking Number

EBS CPT TOF supports an existing field to support RTN for EMEA / UK clients:

Field Number

Field NameDescriptionField Length


Trading Venue Transaction IDA venue unique Deal Id; the EBS Deal ID without hyphens.Character limit of 52, but will not exceed 10

Client End of Day Reporting

To ensure consistency across trade confirmation outputs, updates will also be made to the following EBS end of day reports to support reconciliation and alternative format to receive required values.  

ReportChangeHeader Names

CEOD 200

Addition of new column headers

  • UPI

Addition of new column headers

  • UPI

Contact Information

For questions about upcoming regulatory changes, please contact Global Account Management and the Cash Markets Reg Product Team

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