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The Early Access program allows clients to verify their business readiness for the migration to CME Globex before the hard cut-over; although any trading will be executed, binding and subject to the relevant rules it is not a fully "public live" environment. During Early Access, clients can trade on the new CME Globex platform in parallel with trading on the legacy EBS environment, before the hard cut-over. All Early Access Production instruments will remain active on the legacy EBS Market system.

All trades on CME Globex during Early Access are live trades and should be settled accordingly. As it relates to NDF trading, CME Group recognises that some clients may be required to report details of NDF transactions concluded during Early Access to regulators (for example those firms which are MiFID investment firms and subject to transaction reporting under MiFIR). In this respect, please note that details of trades concluded in Early Access will be sent via EBS CPT; none of these details or their provision should be taken as advice, suggestion or a view on a client’s reporting obligations. These details will include the EBSC Market Identifier Code (MIC) which is currently allocated to trades concluded in off-SEF NDFs on the legacy EBS system and which will also remain valid post the hard cut-over to CME Globex. The reason this MIC is provided is that it is part of the legacy technology platform and is currently inbuilt into the systems in preparation for the hard cut-over in May 2022. 

During Early Access, clients can trade on the new CME Globex platform in parallel with trading on the legacy environment, before the hard cut-over. All Early Access Production instruments will remain active on the legacy EBS Market and eFix system.

Trades on CME Globex during Early Access are live and will be settled.

Please note: clients who participate in Saturday Mock Trading Sessions and/or DR exercises must remove all Saturday data from their systems before the start of trading on Sunday.

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Table of Contents


Early Access trading on the CME Globex platform will be available February 13 through May 13, 2022.

The trading hours on CME Globex will match the current EBS Market and eFix trading hours on the legacy platform.



The following products will be tradable on both the current and the CME Globex trading platforms throughout the trading week:

Product NameCME Globex Product Code

CME Globex Instrument Symbol

CME Globex Exchange IDCME Globex Group CodeMarket Segment ID

MDP UDP Channel

MDP TCP ChanneleFixNDF
FXNDF.USD/KRW.1M†KRW1MKRW 1MEBSCRNDF38530534(error)(tick)



†The 1 Month USD/KRW off-SEF NDF will be available for a reduced trading schedule on CME Globex (all times UTC):

  • Available until May 6, 2022
  • Monday-Friday
    • Open: 00:00
    • Close: 03:00
    • Open: 05:00
    • Close: 08:00
All resting orders will be cancelled during the close states.

NDF trading in Early Access will be available only for off-SEF instruments. Customers who engage in the trading of NDF instruments during Early Access represent and warrant that they are not “U.S. persons” or have a U.S. person “guarantee” as provided by the CFTC Final Rule on Cross-Border Application of the Registration Thresholds and Certain Requirements Applicable to Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants published 14 September 2020 (the “Rule”), including as indicated by the ISDA U.S. Self-Disclosure Letter published 15 January 2021, or otherwise as determined by the Rule; and that they will not allow a “U.S.-located person” as defined in the CFTC Division of Market Oversight Guidance on Application of Certain Commission Regulations to Swap Execution Facilities dated 15 November 2013 to trade NDFs during Early Access.


The following client-facing solutions will be available for Early Access:

  • Starting March 7, EBS Workstation will be available during Early Access via WebConnect. Clients must be set up with CPT for CME Globex and the EBS Risk Management services to participate. Space is limited - Register now with your EBS Account Executive.
  • CME Customer Center to manage and view entitlements and session configurations;
  • Firm Admin Dashboard to manage and view Self-Match Prevention IDs
  • FirmSoft for viewing working orders and trades, and cancelling working orders;
  • EBS Risk Management GUI and API to view credit utilizations and access Kill Switch;
    • Please note: Risk Management tools are only available to entitled users at Prime Banks and Bilateral participants.
  • Reference Data API to obtain product and instrument information;
  • iLink 3 MSGW and CGW sessions, IPs, and ports to enter orders;
  • Drop Copy sessions, IPs, and ports to receive iLink 3 acknowledgements and trade reports.
  • EBS Ai for CME Globex for entering orders and receiving market data;
  • TCP MDP 3 sessions, IPs, and ports to subscribe to Credit Screened, Ultra and Spectrum market data;
  • Multicast (UDP) MDP 3 channels to receive Ultra market data;
  • EBS CPT FIX and EBS CPT TOF sessions to receive trade and post-trade confirmations​; and
  • Critical EBS Reports via EREP or sFTP.
  • All Market Integrity controls.

The following solutions are out of scope for Early Access:

  • EBS Ticker
  • EBS Direct

EBS Reporting

The following EBS Reports will be available for Early Access over EREP or sFTP:

Reporting Category


Report ID


EBS Spot & Metals

Daily Bank Activity Trading Summary



EBS Spot & Metals

Previous Month Bank Activity Trading Summary



EBS Spot & Metals

Daily Group Activity Trading Summary



EBS Spot & Metals

Previous Month Group Activity Trading Summary



EBS Spot & Metals

Previous Month EBS Market & Direct Rainbow Chart Summary



EBS Spot & Metals

Previous Quarter EBS Market & Direct Rainbow Chart Summary




EOD Client Order Events - OFF-SEF



EBS Spot & Metals

EBS Ultra-Participation Criteria Group Daily Estimate Report



Credit Considerations

In Early Access, and with the migration to CME Globex, credit administration will be managed through the new EBS Risk Management

For Early Access, a copy of existing credit groups and their limits will be applied to CME Globex and will be viewable in EBS Risk Management.

Disaster Recovery

The CME Globex disaster recovery sites are out of scope for Early Access. In the event of a data center failure, EBS Markets and eFix on CME Globex will cease trading and clients should continue trading on the legacy platform exclusively.


Advance registration is mandatory to trade on CME Globex during Early Access.

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Registrations received by 5:00 p.m. Central time (CT) Tuesdays will have access to trading on CME Globex the following week. Clients only need to register once. Clients can join Early Access at any time; for instance, registrations on February 8 will be able to trade on CME Globex starting February 13; registrations received on February 20 will be able to trade on CME Globex starting February 28.

Clients and vendors must have successfully participated in a CME Globex Mock Trading Session


Complete all tasks outlined in the Operational Readiness Guide, including:

  • Create your CME Group Login
  • Submit your CME Customer Self-Service agreement​
  • Complete API development and functional certification in New Release and AutoCert+​
  • Order your Production Network connection and complete cross-connect and other network setup​
  • Verify your Entity configurations in CME Request Center​
  • Verify your Credit setup in EBS Risk Manager
  • Access CME Request Center to setup your Production API sessions
  • Configure Production API sessions and GUI access
  • Access Firm Admin Dashboard to setup your Self-Match Prevention IDs
  • Successful migration to Central Post Trade and testing of EBS CPT

Advance registration is mandatory to trade on CME Globex during Early Access.

Register Now

If you have any questions about the Early Access pre-requisites, please contact your Global Account Manager directly or at

Entity, Entitlements, and Participant Referential Data

During Early Access, entity, entitlements and client referential data will be copied weekly from the current trading platform to CME Globex. Clients may not make any changes to this information via CME Group systems and must continue to update their information via the legacy services (e.g., TFA).

This data includes GFID and GUS.

Market Integrity

All CME Globex market integrity services will be enabled for EBS Market and eFix during Early Access:


Customer support from the Global Command Center (GCC) is available 24 hours a day, 14:00 Sunday through 16:30 Friday, Central Time.

  • United States: +1 800 438 8616
  • Europe: +44 20 7623 4747
  • Asia: +65 6532 5010

Further Resources

Detailed information on the EBS Market and eFix integration to CME Globex is available in the:

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