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Subject to applicable regulatory approvals, CME Group will integrate EBS Market's Central Limit Order Book and eFix Matching Service onto CME Globex. 

In Q1 2021, core EBS Market and eFix Matching features and APIs were made available for client testing in the CME Globex New Release environment. Technical specification for these features and APIs are now available.

These specifications cover all topics required for client systems' functional certifications. Additional topics will be added to the specifications monthly, announced in the EBS Integration Notices and tracked in the Revision History.

The table below contains links to core functionality and messaging specifications for clients new to CME Group services. 

New Clients:

Start Here

DescriptionPending EBS Client System Impacts
CME GlobexDescription of key features for EBS Markets and eFix Matching on CME Globex.EBS Market on CME Globex Market Functionality
Presents the differences between the Legacy Ai protocol and the new EBS Ai protocol.EBS Ai on CME Globex
Allows a market participant firm to manage its prime and bilateral risk with other market participants for EBS instruments on EBS Market, eFix Matching Service, and EBS Direct trading venues. EBS Credit Overview on CME Globex
CME Reference Data API v2JSON RESTful web service API for comprehensive product and instrument information.EBS Reference Data API Migration
iLink 3 Binary Order EntryOrder entry and management API. Available for EBS on both Market Segment and Convenience Gateways.iLink 3 Binary Order Entry - EBS Market on CME Globex
Drop Copy 4.0A risk management service that provides real-time copies of CME Globex order entry messages on a separate, dedicated path; enabling customers to monitor orders and trades.CME Drop Copy Service for EBS Market on CME Globex
CME MDP 3.0Market data services.CME Globex EBS Market - Market Data
Market data services.EBS Spectrum Market Data
N/ACentral Post Trade (CPT) integration with CME Group systems.EBS Central Post Trade

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