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The EBS Central Post Trade Ticket Output Feed API (EBS CPT TOF API) will be integrated with CME Group systems. This topic provides information about migrating to EBS Central Post Trade TOF API.

The TOF API has been designed to be backwards compatible for all Bilateral and Prime customers.  

There are no Prime of Prime customers using TOF today and support for Prime of Prime will not be added to the TOF API.

The field content format may change depending on the trading venue. Additionally, due to general product changes, some features are not supported. Generally, party identifier values will remain the same, and where a client sees "Floor codes" today, they will receive the same value from a Globex Firm Identifier (GFID).

Revision History

June 16, 2021Initial publication.

General Differences

For both EBS Direct and EBS Market:

  1. Clients will see increased latency as all tickets are routed through our main data center before distribution. Latency is not expected to exceed 1 second.
  2. The Broker ID (a 5 digit ID) will not be provided, as there will be no broker in the new architecture. This 5 digit ID will be replaced by a compatible ID to keep the API backward compatible. This replacement ID will not be reconcilable.
  3. The Prime of Prime workflow will not be supported. For Prime of Prime you will be directed to use an alternative straight through processing feed.

As EBS Market is integrating onto CME Globex, the following changes will be in effect:

  1. Counterparty Trader IDs will no longer be provided on tickets to Bilateral parties (ie non-prime parties). Trader IDs were already omitted on Prime tickets. In other words, only Prime Brokers will see the Trader ID of their clients. To avoid an API change, for Bilateral parties, the Trader ID will be replaced with the constant “EBS”.
  2. Match tickets for eFix trades will no longer be provided. The match ticket for eFix trades were only exposed through a specific suffix on the Deal ID, as match tickets are not sent, the suffix on Deal IDs will never be seen.
  3. Trade ID is no longer unique for 50 years but will remain unique for 4-5 years. The format will change to an integer of up to 10 characters (today’s format is AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DD – alphanumeric characters). This will also impact the USI (for on SEF tickets) and TVTID (for on MTF tickets) which will be based on the Trade ID (as they are today).

EBS Direct is being upgraded to EBS Direct 2.0 and there will be no changes on the TOF API for Liquidity Providers or Liquidity Consumers.

Deal Ticket Changes for All Customers

The table below indicates fields that will change in format as the platform integrates onto CME Globex.

FIDFID NameDescriptionCurrent Example ValueFuture Example Value

Source Reference

A 5 digit number between 1 and 65535 which is assigned by the EBS Broker today.
CME Globex does not use Brokers and the Broker ID will not be provided on any interface.

EBS CPT will assign a new value but with no interpretable meaning.

Clients are advised to change any dependencies on this field.

539Secondary Source Reference

Deal Ticket Changes for CME Globex

The table below indicates fields that will change in format as the platform integrates onto CME Globex.

FIDFI NameDescriptionCurrent Example ValueFuture Example Value
561-566DEAL_REF_​NUM (user defined field, set up on requestThe Deal ID -  the unique identifier for the trade that will be up to 10 characters long.FE14-00E0-0000-0D141110
561-566COUNTERPARTYTRADERID (user defined field, set up on request)

The counterparty trader ID.

Real Trader ID is only provided to Prime Brokers when facing their client (i.e. in the synthetic ticket) – in other cases a default will be provided.

The format today is traderID@floorcode

Interdealer Ticket: JOH@JMPL

PB Synthetic Ticket (PB vs PC):



JOH@10XX [no change]

15458Trading Venue Transaction IDThe Trading Venue Transaction ID, use for reporting on MTF trades to ESMA (for MiFID).FE1400E000000D141110
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