Access the production EBS Post Trade adapters via the following three methods in all primary regions:

These adapters are part of the EBS Forward Deploy environment that supports EBS applications on CME Globex.

The below connection options are for EBS Central Post Trade in Production.

Internet Using SSL

For all connectivity, the target port is assigned by the CIS team.

RegionAccess MethodApplicationClient Target Address
NY5InternetEBS CPT FIX S-Tunnel198.246.141.195
NY5InternetEBS CPT TOF S-Tunnel198.246.141.196

LD42InternetEBS CPT FIX S-Tunnel198.246.142.195
LD42InternetEBS CPT TOF S-Tunnel198.246.142.196

TY3InternetEBS CPT FIX S-Tunnel198.246.140.195
TY3InternetEBS CPT TOF S-Tunnel198.246.140.196

Leased Line / Cross Connect (through RNet) Using SSL

RegionAccess MethodApplicationClient Target Address
NY5LL/RNetEBS CPT FIX S-Tunnel164.74.39.133
NY5LL/RNetEBS CPT TOF S-Tunnel164.74.39.134

LD42LL/RNetEBS CPT FIX S-Tunnel164.74.79.133
LD42LL/RNetEBS CPT TOF S-Tunnel164.74.79.134

TY3LL/RNetEBS CPT FIX S-Tunnel164.74.111.133
TY3LL/RNetEBS CPT TOF S-Tunnel164.74.111.134

Direct Leased Line / Cross Connect (through RNet)

For EBS CPT FIX clients, target port 8000.

EBS CPT TOF clients will be assigned a port by the CIS team in the range 5559 - 5579.

RegionAccess MethodApplicationClient Target Address
NY5LL/RNetEBS CPT FIX Direct-Access164.74.39.135
NY5LL/RNetEBS CPT TOF Direct-Access164.74.39.136

LD42LL/RNetEBS CPT FIX Direct-Access164.74.79.135
LD42LL/RNetEBS CPT TOF Direct-Access164.74.79.136

TY3LL/RNetEBS CPT FIX Direct-Access164.74.111.135
TY3LL/RNetEBS CPT TOF Direct-Access164.74.111.136
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