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Tag 35-MsgType=BE


Tag Name





EBS Ai Standard Header
1129 CstmApplVerID String 

Valid values:

1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.1

A client logging in with a version different from what is stated will result in a protocol violation user response message and the client will be disconnected

These system behaviors are not applicable:

version 1.6 → iceberg orders support

version 1.6 → mid PD available based on floor configuration

version 1.6 user response will not include IcebergRandomTimeIncrement and IcebergMaxRandomTime

version 1.7 → mid PD support available

version 2.0 → support for NDF Fix Outright, NDF Swap, eFix and support for MiFID reporting requirements 


Correlation Id created by the user and used to track other messages associated with this request

924UserRequestTypeYIntegerValid value: 1

Log On User

A client logging in with a different value from what is stated will result in a protocol violation user response message and the client will be disconnected


An invalid username will not result in the client being disconnected. An error message will be returned to the client

Assumption is that a single EBS AI instance will not support multiple traders and only a single trader


Associated password for the Trader ID used by the EBS Ai Server. 8—16 characters. Not Case sensitive. 

5976NoUserDataNNumInGroupValid value: 1-18Number of repeating blocks to follow

Valid Values:

AutoCancelDuplSession – "Y" or "N"

SendConfirmedDeals – "Y" or "N"

LargeDifferenceCheck – "Y" or "N"

PriceCheck – "Y" or "N"

WideSpreadCheck – "Y" or "N"

HideMyPrices – "Y" or "N"

OrderThroughput – integer value assume java long and if invalid value like string is provided or alphanumeric then ignore

ClientType – "1,2,3,4,5,6" – if an invalid value is provided, the logon request will be reject

AggregationProvider – free form text of 75 characters – an entry greater than 75 characters will result in rejection of the logon request

dealcode – string of 4 characters; not validated for data type or length

AllowFixingInfo – "Y" or "N"

AllowFixPointsInfo – "Y" or "N"

AllowNDFSwapInfo – "Y" or "N"

AllowMidPx – "Y" or "N"

AllowExecRegionInfo – "Y" or "N"

AllowAFOKInfo – "Y" or "N"

AllowPCGrossCreditEvents – "Y" or "N"

AllowPCNettedCreditEvents – "Y" or "N"

For Boolean parameters, any values other than Y or N will be rejected and will result in a Protocol Violation Exception error being sent back in the Logon Response

Note: Parameter names that are unknown or misspelled will be ignored by the EBS Ai Server


Required if NoUserData > 0

Each block will contain the value for the parameter specified by the keyword in UserDataName (tag 5977).

EBS Ai Standard Trailer

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